The Portrait’s Secret Cast

mariaMaria Conchita Alonso

An American citizen born in Cuba and raised in Caracas, Maria Conchita Alonso started her career winning the Miss Teen-Ager of the World Pageant in Portugal, and Miss Venezuela for the Miss World Pageant. She became a Star in Latin America as an actress and singer, and at 20 had her first, of many, #1 hits. Maria Conchita is a multi-Grammy nominee with platinum and gold albums, including wining an ALMA Award, Pioneer Award, Golden Eagle Award.

She became a worldwide name in her film debut Moscow on the Hudson co-starring Robin Williams, after came The Running Man, Colors, Predator2, The House of the Spirits among many others. She has won many awards in various fields. She was the first non-USA born Hispanic to star on Broadway with Kiss of the Spider Woman, and played many roles in both TV movies and primetime series such as, Desperate Housewives. She’s an animal activist as well as active with human rights.

1512363_425375817596055_1024276784_nRaoul Bova

Raoul Bova was born in Rome Italy, on August 14th 1971. He is considered to be one of the most handsome Italian actors for his appearance and figure , for the intensity of his green and grey eyes and for his glance. However , in almost twenty years of career he has showed his value as an actor in many different roles, from action through drama and comedy. He is shy and introvert. He says he is rational and analytical , but he likes also to be won by love. Because of his job he often realizes he has not enough time for himself and when he is between jobs he loves reading and passing time with his family and friends. He loves collecting wood-carved sculptures , especially ethnic ones , and candles , which you you can always find in his home. On October 15th 2010, during the World Food Day Ceremony Raoul was nominated Fao’s Good Will Ambassador, with Susan Sarandon. In 2012 with Sanmarco has produced two social short “Graffiti” and “Amore Nero”, actually has producing Come un Delfino La Serie in the double role of actor and producer.

About Raoul’s acting: In 2010 he took part in the USA production “The Tourist” by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck starring alongside Angelina Jolie. His last Italian released movies are “Viva L’Italia” by massimiliano Bruno, “Immaturi il viaggio” by Paolo Genovese, “Ti presento un amico” by Carlo Vanzina and “Scusa ma ti voglio sposare” by Federico Moccia top Italian movies at box office and “La Nostra Vita” a movie by Daniele Lucchetti presented for competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2010. Has produced “Sbirri”, a film directed by Roberto Burchielli (released in theatres on april 2009) and dealing with the youth’s plague of drugs and the TV Movie “ Come un delfino” directed by Stefano Reali. Other movie released are “Immaturi” by Paolo Genovese (January 2011) , “Nessuno Mi può giudicare” by Massimiliano Bruno(March 2011), “Scusa ma ti chiamo amore” (2008) was in the top 3 Italian Box Office in 2009.

In “Io, l’altro” (2007) a directorial debut of Mohsen Melliti and “Milano Palermo – il ritorno” by Claudio Fragasso, Raoul works in a double role: actor and producer. In 2006 Raoul has starred with Brian Watson and Rosanna Arquette in the “Bad robot productions” USA tv series “What about Brian” broadcasted by ABC.“Ice on Fire” premiered to the Chinese Theatre of Los Angeles on April 2006 and selected in competition to the Moscow International Film Festival 2006, stars Raoul in a very intense role of an Asperger’s Syndrome affected man. In 2004 he was chosen for “Alien vs Predator” a Twenty Century Fox Production directed by Paul Anderson. In 2003 Raoul starred alongside Diane Lane in Disney’s “Under the Tuscan Sun” (2003). “La Finestra Di Fronte”(2003) – “Facing Window” (Sony Pictures Classics – june 2004), directed by Ferzan Ozpetek has been greeted by incredible public and critical acclaim, becoming the top Italian film in terms of box office receipts for 2003, as well as winning five “David di Donatello” awards (The Italian Oscar), including winning for the best film to the Seattle Film Festival (2004).

 He also played the role of St. Francis in“Francesco” (2002), winning great reviews from critics and the public alike. “Avenging Angelo”(2001) marked the first time he participated in an American production, starring alongside Sylvester Stallone and Madeleine Stowe. Raoul obtained his mass audience appeal with“Ultimo”(1998) for which he won a “Telegatto” (Italian tv Award) , followed byUltimo II (1999) and Ultimo –L’infiltrato (2000). His artistic qualities, combined with a rare talent in making professional choices, have enabled him to work with some of most influential names in the international film industry.

He performed in “Francesca e Nunziata”(2001), directed by Lina Wertmueller and co-starred with Sophia Loren. In “I cavalieri che fecero l’impresa” – “The Knights Who Made The Enterprise” (2001) directed by Pupi Avati, he worked with F. Murray Abraham and won the approval of the most demanding film critics. He starred with Carole Bouquet in the film“Madame D’”(2000), a French remake of the famous Madame de of Max Ophuls . In “Il sindaco” – “The Mayor” (1996) starred with Anthony Quinn .

In the popular films “La Lupa” – “She – Wolf” (1995) and “Palermo Milano solo andata” – Palermo – Milan One Way” (1995), he starred with Giancarlo Gianninireceiving a nomination in “David di Donatello” awards as Best Actor. He caught the attention of critics in“Cominciò tutto per caso” (1993),performing alongside Margherita Buy.

Raoul achieved European fame with the film“Piccolo grande amore” – “Pretty Princess” (1993) co-starred with Susannah York, Burt Young, Paul Freeman and became a public favourite thanks to the wildly successful film“La Piovra” – “The Octopus” (1994) winning a “Telegatto” (The Italian version of the Emmy Award). He debuted in “Una storia italiana” (1991) in a leading role gaining widespread public recognition.

945113_330638927064107_486030647_nEduardo Paxeco

Eduardo Paxeco is considered one of the best film actors from Chile. Eduardo was born in Valparaiso, Chile, and is a graduate from the University of Chile in film acting. He has participated in various theater productions, film and television projects. In film his most impacting participations were in: “03:34, Earthquake in Chile” directed by Juan Pablo Ternicier, where he won the “Best First Work Actors Award” at the Lleida Latin-American Film Festival in Spain.  In “Optical Illusions”, the best film in Bratislava Slovakia Festival directed by Cristian Jiménez, Eduardo received the Best Leading Actor Pedro Sienna Film 2010 Award (OSCAR Academy Award from Chile) by the National Council of Culture and the Arts in Chile.  Paxeco also participated in “The Good Life”, a film directed by Andres Wood, which won the Goya Award for Best Latin American Film in 2009, and also won in the Huelva, Cartagena and Havana Film Festivals. In this role Eduardo had his first nomination for Best Actor Pedro Sienna).

y_vino_al_mundo_una_estrella_e886815f5fc2fccf464a1d1cdAna Obregon

Ana Obregón is a Spanish actress, writer and producer as well as a European celebrity and socialite. In 2012, she won the Angel Film Award (Lifetime Achievement Award) from the Monaco International Film Festival for her contribution to television and film.

Obregón has appeared in films from countries including Spain, France, United States and Italy but she is best known for her high-profile personal life and her career as a television actress, most notably for her performances in the Spanish television series A las once en casa and Ana y los siete. In 1997, she won Atv Awards, in Spain, Entertainment for ¿Qué apostamos? (1993).

She is best known to American audiences for her role as Bo Derek’s sidekick in 1984′s Bolero. She also appeared in an episode of Who’s the Boss, playing Ana, Tony Miceli’s Italian cousin. She also co-starred in the 1983 3-D action adventure film Treasure of the Four Crowns with Tony Anthony.

damian-alcazar-ariel_0Damian Alcazar

Mexican Actor Damián Alcázar has won 16 International Academy Awards for Best Actor, including 9 Ariel’s. Damián premiered onscreen in the late ’90s and spent much of his onscreen time in Mexican productions. Alcázar’s early projects maintained a somewhat low profile critically and commercially, but by the early 2000s, the actor began building a fairly steady resumé of Spanish-language international crossover hits. He made his most significant impression with supporting roles in The Crime of Padre Amaro; Father Natalio, and Crónicas. In 2007, Alcázar signed to play Lord Sopespian in The Chronicles of Narnia as Prince Caspian, the much anticipated follow-up to the fantasy hit The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Hemky-Madera1Hemky Madera

Hemky, began his acting career in the Dominican Republic to much acclaim. On the widely known television production Grandes Series Dominicanas (Great Dominican Series), Hemky played the lead in the mini-series En La Olla, followed by Trio en Alta Mar both directed by renowned Dominican director and producer Alfonso Rodriguez.  His career in the U.S. has included performances with renowned actors such as: Harvey Kietel, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diana Bracho in the film Dreaming of Julia where he portrayed a young human rights crusader in 1950′s Cuba. He had support roles in Problem of Evil, The Last Intervention, Pimp Bullies, Bless Me, Ultima, Prisoner 614 , Supremacy, Tamale Lesson, Joshua Tree, Rango, Caged Animal, King of the Avenue, La Soga, Playball, Yuniol, Cupidity , Cuban Blood, and The Bookie’s Lament . He also had a role in The Lost City with Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray and on television his credits have included spots in shows like The Shield and Law and Order: Criminal Intent and in the ensemble in a comedy Weeds where he was nominated by Screen Actor Guild Award for Outstanding Performance.

htf_imgcache_18896Bobbie Phillips

Brains and beauty are two words that have been repeatedly used to describe Bobbie Phillips throughout her career. Graduating high school at only 16 years old, Bobbie took drama classes to prepare her for becoming a trial attorney. In lieu of pursuing law, the acting bug got her and she moved to Los Angeles. Her talent and looks were quickly noticed and she began work immediately. She has credited casting director Dori Zuckerman with helping her to land her first guest role on the short-lived sitcom They Came from Outer Space. She went on to do shows such as Married with Children and Baywatch as well as the film TC 2000, in which she starred with Billy Blanks (developer of Tae Bo).

She continued doing sitcoms and martial arts films, but none of these really gave her acting chops the workout she desired. Upon the advice of famed casting director Johanna Ray, Bobbie went from blonde to brunette and her career changed within weeks. She started getting the kinds of roles she wanted, such as Julie Costello on Steven Bochco’s critically acclaimed Murder One. She has since received awards for her stints on shows such as The X-Files (she was the unforgettable Dr. Bambi Berenbaum we all loved to hate), the syndicated drama The Cape as Lt. Barbara DeSantos and the highly rated Paramount/UPN franchise “Chameleon”, where she had the opportunity to blend her acting with her martial arts abilities, as well as blend into the background. Throughout her career, Bobbie has starred in many independent films. She is also a writer, singer, philanthropist, animal advocate and entrepreneur.

About The Portrait’s Secret: ”At this point in my life, I CHOOSE to surround myself with incredible people. I am honored to now be working with such a loving, talented soul Dr. Janet Alvarez Gonzalez on her incredible film project. I get to portray a real life hero who stood up for human rights at high personal costs. This film tackles tough real life issues in a well laid out, beautifully unfolding, story”- Bobbie Phillips

tunnel5watermarkhiresBobby Kerecz

Bobby Kerecz is an American born actor, writer, and singer. At an early age, Bobby knew he wanted to make entertaining his life. After high school, Bobby entered the Army and served 10 years active duty. During his 10 years, he found the time to moonlight on the side performing in night clubs singing and dancing while stationed in Hawaii. After his military tour, he moved to South Florida where in no time he connected with a few guys living in his apartment complex and started a boy band, “New Image”. It got them recognized and an invite to Gloria and Emilio Estefan Enterprises in Miami Beach.

Bobby later continued his entertainment career and took the position of lead singer for touring group of Chippendales where he performed the entire East Coast of the US, Hawaii, United Kingdom and Europe. Bobby soon shifted to the film industry working on movies such as “Hunger Games”, “Wild Card”, “Last Vegas”, “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes”, and TV series like “Nashville”, “Vampire Diaries”, and “The Witches of East End”.

Bobby has had lead/supporting/principal roles in numerous independent features and shorts. Currently, Bobby is in preproduction on a feature film biopic, “S.O.U.L”, written/produced by himself and his wife, Angela. The story takes you thru the journey of two different people, living two different lives with twists and turns of suspense and drama, who unexpectedly meet each other. It is a story of glitz and glamour, struggles and redemption. They are both starring as themselves. Bobby believes everyone is an actor by nature, and the world we live in is our stage. We all have a story to tell.

karen_lynn_gorney_2002_09_24Karen Lynn Gorney

Karen Lynn Gorney is the romantic star of Saturday Night Fever: the dance partner and fantasy girlfriend who said “no” to John Travolta, and won his heart in this mega-hit film, recently released on DVD to raves. Miss Gorney is also the legendary “Tara Martin” (Tad’s big sister, Erica’s mortal enemy) on ABC’s award-winning All My Children. A classically trained Actress, and winner of the People’s Choice and European Bravo Awards, Karen holds a BFA from Carngie Mellon and MFA from Brandeis University in Acting and Speech. She has received raves in New York City and throughout the United States performing everything from William Shakespeare to Neil Simon. Karen has 5 new films in the can including A Crime with Harvey Keitel, and Searching for Bobby D [DeNiro] with Sandra Bernhard. The daughter of the composer of “Brother Can you Spare a Dime” (Jay Gorney), Karen’s new CD of her Dad’s hits called “Hot Moonlight!” is in stores now, and has received international acclaim.


25th Annual Guadalajara International Film Festival - Press Conference with Maria RojoMaria Rojo

Mexican actress María de Lourdes Rojo e Incháustegui, commonly known as María Rojo; has won 7 International Academy Awards for Best Actress, including 1 Silver Ariel’s awards.   Maria Rojo is an actress and politician, and considered one of the Tops 10 film actresses of Latin America.

She is currently Senator of the Republic in the upper house of Mexican Congress. She has participated in successful Mexican films such as Rojo amanecer, El Callejón de los Milagros, El Infierno; and in telenovelas and televisión series of Alborada, Mañana es para siempre, Corazón Salvaje and Mujeres Asesinas.

Donny_Boaz_MG_2651_bgDonny Boaz

Donny Boaz grew up in Waxahachie, Texas, a small town south of Dallas. While playing college football he was scouted as a model, and overnight, his life changed. Soon he was modeling for the likes of Abercrombie and Neiman Marcus. He has walked the runways in London, Milan, Paris, Sydney, L.A. and New York, and has graced the cover of GQ Japan.

While back in Dallas he was given the opportunity to cross into the acting world and immediately made an impact. His starring debut was an NBC movie of the week, “Saving Jessica Lynch.” He has been seen in “All My Children”, “Guiding Light” and from these roles he was voted in the Top 25 Sexiest Men in America 2004. Since, 2003, he has booked over 70 projects, in film, television and commercials. He had participated in the films: “The Great Debaters”, “13 Sins”, “Killer School Girls from Outer Space”, “The Con-Test”, “Raptor Ranch”, among others including the television series Dallas. The locals in Dallas call him the next charmer to come out of Texas.

He was Nominated, Bonehead Award at the Bare Bones International Film Festival 2014 for Best Ensemble Cast in a Non-Feature for Amazin’ Grace (2014).

AngelaAngela Kerecz

Angela Kerecz is an American born actress and writer. Originally from the small town of Waynesboro, MS, Angela was always very involved in the arts through years of dance, piano, and clarinet training. Angela went on to attend the University of Southern Mississippi where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Polymer Science and a minor in Chemistry. She then moved to Jackson, TN, where she currently resides, and worked as a paint chemist, pharmaceutical sales representative, and later became a licensed realtor.

In 2009, she met Bobby Kerecz, who was the lead singer for Chippendales at the time. A relationship soon turned into a marriage to Bobby on 10-10-10 on the beach in Hawaii. Bobby, a true entertainer at heart, reawakened the performer side of Angela, and they began pursuing an acting career together. Angela’s first gig was as a featured extra on the TV show, “Nashville”, which films in Tennessee.  Angela began to get noticed, and was offered a featured spot in a scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the film, “Sabotage”, and was featured in the opening scene of “Scary Movie 5”. She was also given a recurring feature as a waitress for 23 episodes of “Nashville.”

MV5BMTQ5MTkzMTczOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODA2NTU0OA@@__V1_SY317_CR20,0,214,317_AL_Taylor Dooley

Taylor’s first step on her path to stardom began when she was nine and she started studying dance and acting with the Phoenix Theater’s Performance Troop. With the theater group, Taylor’s unique personality and dramatic and comedic dexterity were quickly discovered by audiences in and around Phoenix.  She quickly landed a national commercial for Famous Footwear, and ads for Disney Superstar Kids, Mary Kate and Ashley clothing line and Honda’s Odyssey minivan.  She enjoys horseback riding, dancing and swimming. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her parents and younger brother.

julian-acostaJulian Acosta

Julian started acting at North Harris College in Houston, TX under Sherri Ryan White and went on to earn a B.F.A in Theater at Florida International University in Miami and his M.F.A in Acting at RUTGERS University where he studied with William Esper and Maggie Flanigan.

Julian got his start in New York where he was quickly cast in Denis Leary’s heralded, but short-lived comedy series “The Job” on ABC. Since then Julian has recurred with starring roles on “Strong Medicine” on Lifetime Television and as the lovable eccentric Adam Proteau on “Dirt” on F/X and “The Defenders” on CBS.

He has guest-starred on “The West Wing”, “Entourage”, “The George Lopez Show”, “Law & Order”, “Second Time Around”, “KingPin”, “The Unit”, “Scrubs”, “The Mentalist”, “Castle”, “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service”, “Covert Affairs”, “Law & Order: Los Angeles” and “Franklin and Bash”. Julian can also be seen in the films “Bound By Lies”, with Stephen Baldwin and Kristy Swanson, “True Love” directed by Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize Nominee Henry Barrial and SEED.

Carolyn-ZellerCarolyn Zeller

Carolyn Zeller was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Living internationally for most of her childhood she moved to Hollywood California to be a part of the Inaugural MFA in Acting class at the University of Southern California. Upon graduating she has worked on numerous new plays, including Scar Tissue which gained recognition and publication as one of the Best Short Plays of 2011. She has toured Nationally with a one woman show The New Faces of America as well as starring in various short films, Fishbones, Kiss Me and Black. Carolyn is also working in the film Nadia´s Promise.

robetto-urbina-burgosRoberto Urbina

Roberto began his acting career in the Columbia to much acclaim. His films performances include La fiesta de su hermana, Golden Goal!, Che: Part One, with with the Oscar Academy Award winning actor Benicio del Toro, Blues – Reese, Hacia la oscuridad and Sexual Dependency.  Roberto has played in the television series The Mentalist, Red is the New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, What a Difference a Day Makes, Heroes: Destiny, Let Us Pray, Escape, Capture, Intervention and most recently Correo de Inocentes.

paulPaul Ganus

Born and raised in Michigan, Paul started his diverse acting career as a stunt man in Chicago. His film credits include “The Mask of Zorro,” “Rumor Has It,” “Forever Young,” “No Turning Back,” and “Goodbye, Casanova.” Some of his recent television appearances include “Harry’s Law”, “Dark Blue”, “Big Love”, “Bones”, “Southland”, “Heroes,” “Nip/Tuck,” “Fashion House,” “C.S.I.,” “Cold Case,” “Brothers and Sisters,” “The Mentalist,” and “House.”

Paul was affectionately known as “El Gringo Malo” in Mexico during the late 90’s, starring in several television novellas and films there as antagonists, and was nominated for a best supporting actor Ariel for his work as ‘Wilson’ in director Carlos Garcia Agraz’s “Ultima LLamada”. Paul can be seen in the theatrical films “Alone Yet Not Alone”, “To Have and To Hold”, and the family Hallmark television film, “Cupid’s Bed and Breakfast”. He recently recurred on T.V. as ‘Mr. Swanson’ in MTV’s “Hard Times of RJ Berger”, Agent Tanner on TNT’s “Perception”, and wrapped his latest guest spots on “90210” and ABC Family Channel’s, “Twisted.”. Paul lives in Los Angeles with his wife of 24 years, actress Ellen Bradley Ganus, and his two children, who are young actors, musicians, and voice artists, Spencer Lacey Ganus and Tyler Ganus.


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